Gleeky Confessions

When you have a confession, please put a 'c' before you confess, if it's a response or reply then put a 'r' before. If i see any confessions about the actors weight or that people are dissapointed that they didn't kill themself, or if THE CONFESSIONS WHICH HAVE WORDS LIKE: "CUNT" OR "WORTHLESS" i'm gonna delete the confession.. SAME GOES FOR THE CHARACTERS

All the Naya hate confessions in a row..

Anonymous asked: those confessions are not gleeky at all

you are probaly the same annoying person posting the same annoying things about my blog.. and you piss me off..

can someone tell me that they like my account instead of critisize me for everything..

Anonymous asked: You should seriously change the name of your blog to thosehatefulgleekyconfessions


Anonymous asked: I know this is a confession blog but I see more hate than good! Did you make this solely to bash on Chris, Naya etc.

Nah i didn’t