Gleeky Confessions

When you have a confession, please put a 'c' before you confess, if it's a response or reply then put a 'r' before. If i see any confessions about the actors weight or that people are dissapointed that they didn't kill themself, or if THE CONFESSIONS WHICH HAVE WORDS LIKE: "CUNT" OR "WORTHLESS" i'm gonna delete the confession.. SAME GOES FOR THE CHARACTERS
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    Ya know, it’s been a ling damn time since I’ve taken the time to write a response to a stupid glee confession, but it’s...
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    If you seriously think Brittany was unaware that she was cheating on Artie because of the ‘different plumbing’, you need...
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    Wait…what? How did Santana force…..why do I even bother?
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    For all we know Dani killed her parents and buried them in the basement… Who da fuck wrote this? Yes Santana is a...
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    Exactly! Santana did not force brittany she was willing to sleep with her.
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